Who and what is Team MOCEAN? Team MOCEAN is a group put together by Ryan Hewson, SUP/Surfer enthusiast and owner of MOCEAN Surf Company in Mashpee Commons. Ryan put together a team that he wanted to spread the Cape Cod Aloha, a love of the outdoor activities that we as Cape Codders and visitors have access to. The team includes Ryan, Jason Chorches, Tara Regan, Brett Currier, Michelle Currier and junior team member Tyler Currier. Our mission is to get everyone to go out and do an activity that they have never tried before but always wanted to, with us there to help with that mission and knowing that we are out there doing it ourselves as well.

Tara Regan (MOCEAN Ambassador, Yoga instructor, SUP Yoga Instructor, SUP fitness trainer and SUP instructor) and I took our training outside, to a different location and outside of our comfort zone…….Ice Climbing. This trip was made available through Casi Rynkowski Performance Training and Outdoor Fitness, www.casiperformancetraining.com and guided by Matt Shove of Ragged Mountain Guides LLC, www.raggedmountainguides.com and Jim Bernard. In preparing for this adventure, Tara helped me with the correct clothing and gear, a majority of which were purchased at MOCEAN, such as SmartWool for the base layers and comfort socks, North Face outer weather gear and a buff to cover the face.


Getting outside and beyond your comfort zone provides a whole new world of fitness training. The morning started with a 40-minute uphill hike in the beautiful White Mountains National Forest to Champney Falls. The hike is a workout in itself as you are geared up with boots that can only be compared to ski boots, a helmet, a large pack, rope and axes. If you think you only can challenge yourself at a gym, try this first and see if you still if you think that way when done. You’ll find yourself walking snow trails with ice, crossing frozen streams while carrying your gear, all while heading uphill as your guide is leading you at a brisk pace. It is well worth the sweat and tears as you arrive to your climb destination of Champney Falls. This was my first for hiking in the snow in the White Mountains and ice climbing, all while being out of your comfort zone, scared of the unknown but excited to be able to learn something new. It took my breath away when I first saw the wall of ice that we would be climbing and I will admit my first attempt I was scared out of my mind. After the encouragement of my fellow climbers, I went for my second attempt and knew I could do this. We spent a day with climbers of all levels of experience including those of us that had no experience, to some with moderate experience and others with years of experience such as to our experienced Guides. Matt, Jim, Justin and Casi provided patience with their training, showed us a lot of encouragement and pushed us to keep going because they knew we could handle more. After a great day of challenging ourselves, a lot of laughs and sharing our stories to learn more about each other, we left the falls for our hike back down. As we hiked back to our cars, a sense of accomplishment came over me as well as a feeling of happiness as I had realized that I had just spent the day with some very strong and aspiring women. Thank you Casi for being that female who wants to cheer on and support other females to better themselves.



Tara and I said our goodbyes at the end of the day, thanked our Guides and wished our new friends the best and to stay in touch for the next adventure. As Tara and I drove home we recounted our day on what we had just achieved and how we can share this sense accomplishment in what we do everyday. There will be more adventures for us and we hope that you will follow us and even join us.



This blog is dedicated to the ones that think they can’t but try anyways as it is always better to know that you failed at trying than regretting that you never tried.


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