An East Coaster Takes On The Pacific Paddle Games 2016

What do you do when it is time to take it up notch with competing in SUP races?….Well you sign up for the Pacific Paddle Games and that is exactly what I did. So much excitement and nervousness built up the days before arriving in Dana Point, CA but once I arrived that vibe of […]

Cape Cod Bay Challenge 2016

It’s Saturday morning and my alarm goes off at 3:00am, normally I would groan at the thought of getting up at this time on a Saturday morning but this morning was the ninth running of the 2016 Cape Cod Bay Challenge and my fourth time crossing the bay.  There were butterflies in my stomach but not […]


When you think of ways to workout the first thoughts come to mind are usually running and working out at the gym. When you think of a getaway with the girls, you usually think of poolside resorts with fancy drinks and spa appointments. Well let’s blow some holes into those thoughts and talk about when […]