When you think of ways to workout the first thoughts come to mind are usually running and working out at the gym. When you think of a getaway with the girls, you usually think of poolside resorts with fancy drinks and spa appointments. Well let’s blow some holes into those thoughts and talk about when […]

SUP Community

What does SUP Community mean? To me SUP Community means the people involved with SUP that want to engage with others in order to share the love of the sport.  This means getting together on the weekends, during the week, before work, after work or attending races together.  This also means a community of people […]

Cape Cod SUP Family

Spring is starting to arrive, the air is getting warmer and the days are starting to get longer.  The training is increasing, 31.5 miles are in the books so far and more miles need to be put in as the 2016 race is upon us. My goal is to push harder in the races while inspiring […]