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thumb_IMG_0377_1024What does SUP Community mean?

To me SUP Community means the people involved with SUP that want to engage with others in order to share the love of the sport.  This means getting together on the weekends, during the week, before work, after work or attending races together.  This also means a community of people who share the common interest of SUP but also unite in order to use this connection for charity events, race training, environment awareness, and encouraging each other to achieve their dreams.

When I started this sport over six years ago, I did it mainly to try something new. Stand up paddling then evolved into another way to add fitness into my life and which slowly progressed into racing.  Through the racing, I started to make connections with others who race and eventually these connections lead to friendships. Eventually I began to see these same group of people at the various events, out on the own, or starting new adventures in their life.  As the relationships grow, you watch as the group grows as there are so many thumb_IMG_0382_1024connections among the SUP community and they don’t all necessarily live in the same town or even the same state.  The sport has grown but the individuals involved are a close knit group that are connected all over.  The members of this community are an amazing group of people, all from different walks of life and all with different stories of how they got their start in paddling and what keeps them coming back. With each event I attend, I always seem to make another connection and that connection becomes another person supporting me or me supporting them in this sport and the achievements in their life.

I have experienced the SUP Community in Dana Point, CA where the group meets each morning to train for races and but also meets on a social level.  Another group, SUP Hampton has a group that meets for training, charity events, and beach clean up.  In seeing what others are doing, I have started SUP Cape Cod. Using Facebook as a way to communicate and share stories I’d love to see this community grow on Cape Cod.  My goal is to start getting people together on a weekly basis to train together, to go out for fun paddles,  and to race together and share techniques.  I also like to see the group give back. That could be in the form of  beach clean ups, attending charity races as a group or team and for it to be a group that helps others by supporting them in their achievements and goals.  This is also a great opportunity for the family to enjoy a sport together and do something that gets them disconnected from the daily craziness and enjoy each other other.

Interested in SUP but not sure about it yet? Request an invite to join the SUP Cape Cod group on Facebook.  Learn more about the sport and the SUP Community by asking questions, join us on the posted paddle events and maybe even sign up for some races.  This an opportunity to be a part of a growing sport that can help you with a healthy lifestyle that is also a blast!!

A very Cape Cod Aloha and I’ll see you out on the Water!thumb_IMG_0390_1024

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