January Blahs!

We have slowly moved into 2019 and January is always a tough month for me because of the weather.  I live for the warm sunny days of summer but living in New England you learn to cope with the unpredictable winter weather.  I look forward to the 40 degree “warm weather” days in hopes to get out on the water and avoid the ice.  I will even push it to take on a 33-degree weather day with some sun.  You may think paddling in the middle of the winter in cold conditions is crazy and that you would never do it.  Never say Never!

Six years ago when I started to race Standup Paddle Boards and knew that I had to somehow continue my training through the winter months, I decided that I was going to get on the water.  I researched what other paddlers did for protection against the weather conditions and cold water and based on that information I began my winter training on the water.  The cold air wakes the body up, add on the protective layers and get out on that water.  Once I entered the water with my board, I knew this was going to be an amazing experience.  As much as it is beautiful during the summer months it is even more breathtaking during the winter months.  The water is so clear and because the boat traffic is very limited, there is a calmness that puts me into my zone to train.

Paddling in the winter does not necessarily need to be for training for a Standup Paddle Board race, it can also be another form of fitness outside of the gym.  I guarantee that once you step onto your board and get past the thought of it being winter in New England, you will be hooked and will want to make this part of your fitness routine.

Any questions on how to take get started, reach out to me at ccsupgirl21@gmail.com

See you on the water!

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