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Spring is starting to arrive, the air is getting warmer and the days are starting to get longer.  The training is increasing, 31.5 miles are in the books so far and more miles need to be put in as the 2016 race is upon us. My goal is to push harder in the races while inspiring others to get out there and do what they love or didn’t think they could do.

My family is a great example because as I started SUP six years ago, it was not until recently that my husband and son started to get involved and joined the racing side of SUP.  Brett demoed many boards through MOCEAN and fell in love with Bote.  He IMG_0228now rides a Bote HD 12′ which fits his needs at this time because at 6’1 balance does not come easy to him.  He is comfortable on this board, he is able to race in the recreational races due to the size of his board and can also use the board to go fishing.  This is a great board for those who want to race or travel long distance but want the security of balance.  His goal is to move up to a 14′ race board and I can see that happen soon as he has the passion to make that happen.

My son demoedIMG_0229 a BIC Tracer through MOCEAN’s rental fleet, used the board for a race, placed in his first race and now he owns that BIC Tracer 12’6.  Both my son and husband do not have as much time to put in the training but they put it in when they can and supplement the training.  When not on the water, my husband will work out at the gym at the location
where he travels for work and my son gets it done at CrossFit Bourne.

Today I was able to get them both out with me to complete some winter SUP training. A big thank you to Ryan Hewson at MOCEAN for hooking Tyler up in a great wetsuit from RipCurl which made it possible for him join us today.  As I was able to go off on my training, Brett and Tyler were able to get some mileage in to start their training and have a little father/son time.  This was a great day to see them both out on the water, doing something we all love as a family and being active as a family.  The paddle today started by dropping in at Ockway Bay. From there I headed out to Nantucket Sound, then towards the Popponesset River where I met Brett and Tyler paddling at a good clip towards me.  It was such a great site to see the both of them together and pushing each other to get their training done while still enjoying the day out on the water.


As much as the weather was great today for paddling, it is still important to be dressed appropriately for the weather and water conditions.  Wetsuit, booties, gloves, and hats are still important and it is better to layer up and peel down when needed.  The conditions on the water can change quickly so always plan your travels and have your back up plan for when the conditions change.  Today, I was lucky to get some open ocean training in while still knowing that I had land nearby in the event there were any problems. This still allowed me to add mileage by staying intercostal as the winds started to pick-up further into my training.

As we spring ahead this weekend think about what you what to change in your life. Is it trying a new sport? Going on a new adventure with your family?  It is not always about the time you put in but the quality of that time you put in to get your goals accomplished.


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