January Blahs!

We have slowly moved into 2019 and January is always a tough month for me because of the weather.  I live for the warm sunny days of summer but living in New England you learn to cope with the unpredictable winter weather.  I look forward to the 40 degree “warm weather” days in hopes to […]

Paddle For Plummer 2018

For the last 5 years I have participated in a Standup Paddle Board race to raise funds for the Plummer Youth Promise.  The Plummer Youth Promise provides a safe home for kids who have been in the foster system for years and are near aging out of the system or need to be in a […]

An East Coaster Takes On The Pacific Paddle Games 2016

What do you do when it is time to take it up notch with competing in SUP races?….Well you sign up for the Pacific Paddle Games and that is exactly what I did. So much excitement and nervousness built up the days before arriving in Dana Point, CA but once I arrived that vibe of […]

Cape Cod Bay Challenge 2016

It’s Saturday morning and my alarm goes off at 3:00am, normally I would groan at the thought of getting up at this time on a Saturday morning but this morning was the ninth running of the 2016 Cape Cod Bay Challenge and my fourth time crossing the bay.  There were butterflies in my stomach but not […]


When you think of ways to workout the first thoughts come to mind are usually running and working out at the gym. When you think of a getaway with the girls, you usually think of poolside resorts with fancy drinks and spa appointments. Well let’s blow some holes into those thoughts and talk about when […]

SUP Community

What does SUP Community mean? To me SUP Community means the people involved with SUP that want to engage with others in order to share the love of the sport.  This means getting together on the weekends, during the week, before work, after work or attending races together.  This also means a community of people […]

Cape Cod SUP Family

Spring is starting to arrive, the air is getting warmer and the days are starting to get longer.  The training is increasing, 31.5 miles are in the books so far and more miles need to be put in as the 2016 race is upon us. My goal is to push harder in the races while inspiring […]

Team MOCEAN – Adventures in Ice Climbing

Who and what is Team MOCEAN? Team MOCEAN is a group put together by Ryan Hewson, SUP/Surfer enthusiast and owner of MOCEAN Surf Company in Mashpee Commons. Ryan put together a team that he wanted to spread the Cape Cod Aloha, a love of the outdoor activities that we as Cape Codders and visitors have […]

Weekend with Bote Board

Given the harshness of the bitter cold New England weather we experienced this weekend, I enjoyed writing this blog as it brought back some warm memories of our visit to Ft. Walton Beach and Destin Florida. While there we met the crew at Bote Board. I was excited about this trip for a while and thanks […]